m. male
f. female
iuv. young specimen
mat. adult specimen
(1) fish up to 15 cm
(2) fish up to 2,5 cm
(3) fish up to 40 cm
(4) fish up to 60 cm
(5) fish above 60 cm

Plate I

Plate II Plate XI Plate XX Plate XXIX
Plate III Plate XII Plate XXI Plate XXX
Plate IV Plate XIII Plate XXII Plate XXXI
Plate V Plate XIV Plate XXIII Plate XXXII
Plate VI Plate XV Plate XXIV Plate XXXIII
Plate VII Plate XVI Plate XXV Plate XXXIV
Plate VIII Plate XVII Plate XXVI Plate XXXV
Plate IX Plate XVIII Plate XXVII Plate XXXVI
Plate X Plate XIX Plate XXVIII Plate XXXVII

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